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drama bahasa inggris

kelompok ganjil sman 3 barusangkar

English Drama of group 1
● Members of group 1 :
1. Adit 7. Randi
2. Ardi 8. Chyara
3. Hafid 9. Ririn
4. Farid 10. Rika
5. Okky 11. Fitri
6. Wildan 12. Ringga
● Story title : Revenge of a brocken home student
● Adopted from a movie titled : “Ekskul”
● Characters of this drama:
1. Joshua as the brocken home students
2. Joshua’s father
3. Joshua’s mother
4. Police 1
5. Police 2
6. Police 3
7. Hostage 1 ( male )
8. Hostage 2 ( male )
9. Hostage 3 ( female )
10. Hostage 4 ( female )
11. Conseling Teacher ( female )
12. Narator

Scene 1

Joshua is a student of an senior high school he is calm students, clever, but like to be lonely so. He has a mother and a father that have different way in teach Joshua. His mother teach him with sof way. But, his father choose the hard one by hit or kick Joshua when he do a mistake. One night in Joshua’s home…

Joshua : (get into the home without any voice)
Father : where are you come from just now ?
Joshua : I studied in my friend’s home
Father : studied? It’s one a.m
Joshua : Dad, I’m late because…
Father : (Interrupt Joshua’s speak) I don’t need your explanation !! Shut up and
go to your room !!
Joshua : I had engine trouble in m motorbike, dad
Father : Shut up!! (slap Joshua’s cheek)
Joshua : (go to his room)

Scene 2

That incident happen almost everyday. Jhosua very feel underpressure very much. He always feel worst when he is at the home. One time, he want to have his home for several days because he feel tired and bored so much. But, he don’t want to leave home without his parents permission. He tell to his parents if he will have a camping activity in Bandung that coordinate by school. One day when he had lunch….!

Joshua : mom, next Saturday my school will do camping activity in Bandung.
May I go?
Mother : no, you may not go!!
Father : you just can rebel! you just can ask!
Joshua : I must go, it is exstracuriculare activity, mam, dad…!
Mother : let me tell to your teacher if you may not go!!
Joshua : why I may not go?
Father : you always do unless activity!
Joshua : camping is not unless activity
Mother : your score decrease because you almost not at home iin night
Joshua : hey! please keep dad and mom speak!
Father : (hit jhosua’s nose)
Mother : daddy!
Father : (drink the caffe and then stand and move to the kitchen)
Mother : (move to the kitchen) dad, don’t hit him just like that. That’s why jhosua
feel worst at this home
Father : do you still defend him? Look, he become naughtier because you defend him when I teach him!
Mother : that’s not the way to teach your son!
Father : but at least he obey me!
Mother : he become naughty because your way in teach him
Father : shut up!! (leave)
Mother : (leave)

Scene 3

After the incident, jhosua feel worst than before, he feel no body at home take care of him. He feel lonely. Next day in jhosua’s school……

Jane : hi josh, how do you do?
Joshua : fine, thank’s. jean, aren’t you shy talk to me?
Jane : why I have to shy? There is no matter with you.
Joshua : (smile)

Suddenly Bob and Ben see Jhosua and come to him.

Bob : ben, do you see that loser?
Ben : very clear Bob, let’s give him a lesson.
Bob : c’mon!

(Bob and Ben come to Josh)

Joshua : (scared)
Bob : (seize jhosua’s hair and bring him away)
Jane : no!!
Ben : don’t take a part jeane. It’s not yours.

Ben and Bob hang jhosua to school fence. After that all student laugh ti see jhosua
Except jeane. Jhosua is very shy. While that, jeane can’t do anything to help him. In his mind, jhosua think if nobody take care of him in this world. Nobody at home, nobody at school. He think his life is useless.

Scene 4

Next day, jhosua caught by teacher bring a knife. In conseling room………………

Teacher : do you know if bring weapon to school is a problem, josh?
Joshua : knife is not a weapon, miss
Teacher : your score decrease, begin to make trouble and get fanciful
Joshua : I never make a trouble miss!!
Teacher : what did you make with that weapon?
Joshua : I just want to show to my friend if I come back from a camping activity
Teacher : you lie to me and to your parents. School never make camping activity.

(the situation become quite for while)
Joshua : I don’t want to be at home
Teacher : what? (stand and move to near jhosua)
Joshua : no matter, miss
Teacher : you bring weapon to school for showing to your friend or frighten your
Joshua : knife is not weapon, miss……
Teacher : what happened, josh? Do somebody disturb you?
Joshua : no, miss
Teacher : so what?? Don’t lie josh.
Joshua : I don’t lie, miss

Scene 5

After that, jhosua go to toilet.In the there he meet with Bob and Ben again……

Joshua : (try to run but Ben caught him)
Bob : where do you go? Let’s have fun guys!
Ben : yea, don’t be hurry, josh.
Joshua : please, don’t hurt me.
Ben : (pull jhosua inside)
Joshua : what’s my mistake?
Bob : (slap josh’s cheek) what?
Joshua : what’s my mistake?
Bob : (slap again) you bring weapon to school. What do you want? Do you
want to show if you are brave now? (kick josh stomach and go.
Ben : (hit josh’s head and go)

Scene 6

After this incident, joshua was very angry. But, he can’t give vent to Bob and Ben. He look for another way to revenge to Bob and Ben. Suddenly, he think to threat Bob and Benwith a letter. But, the letter is not for Bob and Ben only, the letter also for all school basket team because Bob and Ben are the parts of the team. The letter contains murder intimidation. Unfortunately, after he send the letter. Somebody tell to head master if that is jhosua’s did. That day in conseling room.
In conseling room :
Teacher : Intimidate basket team is a matter, Jhosua. What do you want by
intimidate them ??? do they disturb you???
Joshua : I didn’t do that, miss..
Teacher : somebody say if you are the man who intimidate basketball team
especially Bob and Ben!
Joshua : Impossible, miss. I had test when the incident happend !
Teacher : Yes, but the teacher said if you take a long time to go to toilet.
Joshua : Miss, you can’t proof if I intimidate them.

Teacher : Headmaster said somebody report her, Jhos. She compare the writing
with your hand writing Josh.

( Situation Become Quite)
Joshua : I’m sure Gloria did it!
Teacher : If Gloria did it what do you want? Do you want to intimidate her too?
Jhosua, you can be dropped out from school because this incident.
Joshua : I dropped out just because this incident, miss?
Teacher : Yes, but I will tell to headmaster if you are sick and need to go psychist.
Maybe with that way you will hot be dropped up.
Joshua : ( Stand up and hit the table ) Better I die than go to psychist!

Scene 7
After Jhosua get out from the room, the conseling teacher report Jhosua’s naughtyness, so his parent at Jhosua’s home :
Father : why do you intimidate your friend?!! You must go to psychist !
Joshua : better I die than go to psychist !
Father : yes, better you die ( kick Joshua )
Mother : Dad !!
Father : Shut up!! ( point no mother )
Joshua : Dad, I want to suicide if my life is like this. It is out of tolerance limit !
Father : Shut up !! ( kick Joshua again )
Mother :Stop it !! Enough !!! That’s why we become like that.
Father : I also get punishment like that from my parents. But I never be naughty
like that ! start tomorrow you must go to psychist ( leave )
Mother : Yes, he will go, but that’s not the good way !! ( talk while leave Joshua )

Scene 8
Next day, after rest bell ringing, Joshua go to toilet. When he is using the toilet, Bob and Ben come and make a fool of Joshua. They push Joshua’s head into the toilet hole.

Ben : ( hold Joshua’s shut and push him ) ha..ha…ha.. !! ha..ha..ha…!!
Bob : Die you looser !!
Ben : Push Bob!!
Joshua : Stop !! Stop!!
Bob : who ask you to speak ! Shut up!
Ben : Keep pushing !! Push! Ha…ha…

Scene 9
After that, Bob and Ben leave Joshua a lone in toilet. Joshua feel so angry. He plan to punish them. First step he buy a gun from a man. After that, Joshua go to his school in midnight to make fake letters to Bob, ben, and Gloria.
( Joshua go to office, write the letters and leave )

Joshua : Wait for my revenge Bob !! I will make you intimidate !
( After write the letters, he leave head master office )

Scene 10
Next day, Bob and Ben get the letters and walk to headmaster room and they talking while walk to there.
Bob : What happened ? why headmaster calls us ?
Ben : Maybe she miss us, Bob.
Ben : Hey ! I just kidding man..
Bob and Ben arrive in headmaster’s room. But, there is no body there. They are wait there and sit.
Bob : Where is Mrs. Manda ?
Ben : I don’t know, stupid !
Bob : Yes, I’m stupid ! but my score is better than yours.
Ben : That’s your money politic.
Bob : Ha… ha… I that’s my way guys..
Suddenly, Gloria come to the room too.
Bob : Do you get call letter too Gloria?
Gloria : Yes, where’s Mrs. Manda?
Ben : Maybe she go to toilet, just wait here.
Gloria : Alright…
Outside the room, jeane, the girl that. Very kind joshua also want to get in headmaster’s room because she want to ask something. Joshua that see her ask her in order that not get in the room. He know if jean is not his revenge target.
Joshua : where will you go jeane.
Jane : I will go to headmaster’s room
Joshua : she is not there ( hold Jeane’s hand )
Jane : ( take of joshua’s hard ) it’s important Joshua..
Joshua : Don’t Jeane !!
Jane : ( go to the room )
Joshua : ( Panic and hold his gun while pant it to jeane’s head ) shut up all !! don’t
do anything !
Jane : No !! don’t Josh!!
Bob : Josh, don’t do it !!
Joshua : Shut up !!! ( aim his gun to every body )
( suddenly, Bob attack Joshua , a fighting happened at last, Joshua make Bob fall. Ben try to get rut, but Joshua catch him ) after that :
Joshua : Jane, ben & bob, now !!
Joshua hostage bob, ben, Gloria, and jeane too. Somebody report this incident to police department. And now, hundreds people include policemans student’s parent, teachers, amd a lot of reporter or journalist. Whwn the head of PD arrive :
Police 2 : Good afternoon, sir ( respect )
Chairman : Good afternoon ( respect ), give me your report.
Police 2 : We had prepare two tearn, sir.
Chairman : What ?? two tearn ?? it’s not terrorist, he just a student. Just one.
Police 2 : Affirmative, sir.
While police department arrange strategy. Joshua still didn’t want to free his hostages.
Gloria : I do apologize, josh.
Joshua : Shut up, stupid! All of this caused by him ( seize bob’s hair ). He made
me intimidate, now, I want to revenge all of his wickedness !
Jane : What’s the advantage of this josh ?
Joshua :Sit down, Jane !! don’t let me fire your head! ( aim his gun to jeane )
Jane : I know you braveless to do that, josh ! you can’t shoot me.
Joshua : Sit down and shut up jeane ( push jeane ).
Joshua still don’t know if there are many police outside the room where he hostage his friend. He is very desperate. It had been four hours since he hostages his friends. Then, the head of police department try to regociate with Joshua.
Chairman : Josh ! Joshua ! Do you hear me?? Josh ! Do you hear me??
c’mon josh, stop it. It’s a criminality josh you may get dead punishment.
Joshua : I don’t care! If you get in, I’ll kill them all ! ( shout Ben )
( Everybody inside and outside room screaming hear the explosion of Joshu’s gun )
Joshua getting panic and desperate. He take a sit and think about himself. He remember all of his problem, everybody who gave bad contribution to his life. And everything that push him to kill himself. His vision is empty, but he think about millions things.
Outside the room :
Jane : Josh… Josh… Joshua… Josh!!
Joshua : ( Shock,, aim his gun to jane )
Get in ! Get in now ! don’t make me angry, jane!
Bob : Josh, all of this is my mistake… I’m sorry josh…
Joshua : ( Take bob out ) why do you say that now ?? why ?? what’s my mistake?
Bob : You don’t have any mistake, Josh. I’m the source all of this.
Joshua : ( Push Bob into the room )
Shut up Bob !! Jane ! Get in ! Get in !
It had seven hours since Joshua hostage them since fifteen o’clock. Everybody outside since the room where Joshua hostage his friends. Until now, police department still looking for the gun seller. As we know, have an illegal gun is a big criminality.
Now police department try to negociate again with Joshua but by a perantara.
The peran is Joshua’s conseling teacher. They communicate by rogers.
Teacher : Josh… Halo..
Joshua.. Halo..
Joshua : Yes, miss.
Teacher : Please Stop your action, Josh…
Joshua : What action, miss??
Teacher : Don’t kidding, Joshua!!
Joshua : I just want to punish them, miss…
Teacher : Me too, but we don’t have authority to do it.
Joshua : The people who had that authority even didn’t do anything.
Teacher : Maybe there are a lot of thing that they must done.
Joshua : But, it’s the first priority.
Teacher : You had make them intimidated, after this nobady is brave to disturb
Joshua : maybe there are intimidate, miss. But outside there still there are a lot of
students who have similar attitude.
Teacher : I will try to prevent them to disturb you, josh… I promise, josh…
please!! Help me, you will get punishment if you don’t give up now,
josh… show them if you are not a wicked man, Joshua.
Joshua : Miss, you don’t understand!
Teacher : Here, your parents want to talk.
Joshua : miss, don’t… please!
Mother : Josh… Josh… ( cry )
Father : Joshua..
Joshua : Yes mom, dad.
Mother : Do you still remember this? ( singing twinkle little star while cry )
Joshua : Mom, please… stop!! All of this are because mom and dad! I want to kill
mom and dad, but I can’t do because I also don’t want my parents die.
Mother : When you are still a kid, I know you can’t sleep without hear this song,
my son ( talk while cry )
( singing again while cry )
Joshua : Mom, stop!!! Mom, do you want to see I angry.
Stop…. Please!!! Mom, it not enough for you to see me become poor
boy… everybody look at me like they look at trash.
Where I can feel unstrange?? Where I can feel happy?? Everywhere I go, the are always people disturb me behind. Everything I did always have mistakes for mom and dad, there are nothing good in my self. Thanks for all.
After that, Joshua want to talk to the head of police department.
Joshua : Sir,
Chairman : yes, Joshua.
Joshua : I want to free them
Chairman : ok Joshua, wait in the front door.
Joshua : girls only, sir..
Chairman : Josh, please.. think clearly. They had been intimidated. Please don’t
make it more difficult.
Joshua : Girls only, sir or … no more negociation!
Chairman : I know you just want to revenge to Bob, can you free Ben??
Joshua : why not bob too?? Enough!! No more nogociation!
Chairman : ok, josh.
Jean and Gloria walk to the door and followed by Joshua that aim Ben’s head. They walk slowly to the door.
Then Joshua close the door again and bring ben into the room again. Now, he will revenge Bob and Ben’s wickedres.
Joshua : it’s judge time! I will punish you Bob, Ben! Bring bob to toilet.
( when they reach toilet.. )
Joshua : Ben! Push in his head into that toilet! Now!
Bob : Josh, Sorry!!
Joshua : Hey!! Who ask you to speak! Shut up! Push again!
( After that, Joshua ask Ben to take bob upstair )
Joshua : take him to the roof!
Ben : Ok, josh.
After they reach roof, Joshua call the head of police department.
Joshua : Sir, I want you to go to the front side of this building.
Chairman : Yes, josh.
Teacher : what will you do in the roof josh??
Joshua : I will hang bob like he hang me in the school. ( hang bob from the roof )
Look!! He ever hang me like this. That’s why I ask all of you to be here!
When he hang me, hang nobody help me?? Every student just laugh!!
I’M SHY!! Where are all of you when that happened?? Where????
( scream )
Teacher : Josh, please, I’m sure they had been intimidated josh!! Please…
Suddenly police 3 come..
Police 3 : Sir, I have get the gun seller
Chairman : What’s the important thing??
Police 3 : he just have one bullet
Chairman : Are you sure??
Police 3 : yes, sir. I’m sure.
Police 3 said if Joshua have only one bullet. So, the head of police department will catch Joshua from behind.
Teacher : Josh, please, end all of this.
Joshua : No, miss. They must feel like me before that will be better if they die.
Teacher : Don’t be reckless, josh!
Joshua : they must die!! ( scream )
Teacher : Enough, josh! I know you just have a bullet and you have use that before!
Joshua : you wrong miss!! ( shoot his head )

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